If you know what SEO is in the first place, you also know that the rules of engagement are a constant moving target. New trends in technology always present appends to the ruleset of the previous year. Web developers have an unofficial and sometimes thankless certification to uphold year in and year out. Our clients, rightfully so, just want results. So what’s in store for 2018?

AI engines are not only making the rules back at Google HQ, but devices like Alexa and Google Home are finding their way into more and more living rooms across the globe. Alexa ‘Rank’ is updated daily and and uses unique visitors and page views in its algorithms to rank top-level sites.  Top-level’ means domain.com, for example, sub-pages like domain.com/about and blogs do not currently index. Sites with low traffic numbers typically do not create enough data to be ranked at all. All this to say, the impact on your SEO approach isn’t enormous, it’s just something to be aware of and since the rules are constantly changing, it’s a key piece to stay in tune with. 

For a couple of years now, mobile searches have outnumbered desktop searches. What does this mean for your site? It better have a responsive design that renders well on any device.  Mobile versions of sites are indexed first and there’s speculation in the SEO community that desktop-only content is heading towards being obsolete.

“Fake news” was a big enough story in 2017 to cause a ripple in SEO. Truthfulness has been on the radar for a while now, but the recent onslaught of garbage news has brought algorithm tweaks in attempt to separate fact and fiction. Personally, I’ll remain skeptical of anything I read out there on the internet.

There you have it. Mobile is king. Fake news is out. People are asking tiny plastic devices where to find the nearest Starbucks. As always, check the date on any piece you read about SEO.