About Iron Skillet Media

At Iron Skillet Media, we embrace community connections and the environments that support them. We are passionate about helping our clients express their individuality through their work with graphic design, web design, public relations and writing. Our mission is to establish memorable impressions that carry our clients’ talents and gifts into our community and world.

Iron Skillet Media partners with a variety of clients including food and restaurants, travel, nonprofit, environmental, retail and hospitality clients.

Situated between the bustling city Atlanta and the scenic north Georgia mountains, Iron Skillet Media is located in Cumming, Georgia. With 40+ years’ combined industry experience, Gretchen and Matt Howard head Iron Skillet Media and are a team in marriage, parenting, music and work.


Gretchen Howard

Gretchen Howard

Gretchen loves supporting others and helping them find their clarity through writing, PR, branding and design. To her, listening to and sharing others’ stories is a way to express her creativity and establish true connections. .


Cooking a good meal and nourishing herself and others is one of Gretchen’s favorite things to do. She shares about her cooking adventures, wellness journey (before and after breast cancer) and awe of watching seeds transform into vegetables at www.rootedandwhole.com. She teaches workshops on seed-saving, cooking, gardening and building bat houses.


From Asheville, North Carolina to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the Atlanta suburbs, Gretchen is a Southerner at heart with an adventuresome spirit. She revels in a long run or bike ride, digging in the garden, and reading a favored author.

Gretchen lives in Cumming, Georgia with her husband, two children, two dogs and cat. She earned a BA in Communication at North Carolina State University.

Matt Howard

Matt Howard

Matt is a career technologist with a passion for growing small businesses and helping great people manifest their ideas into viable forces in the market.  

Rooted down south in the great state of Georgia, Matt has lived in North Carolina and Wyoming.  Hiking, fly fishing, playing guitar and working the grill are a few of his favorite  ways to kick back.

Matt lives in Cumming, GA with his family.  He holds a BA in Business from Montreat College and a laundry list of technical certifications.