As an Iron Skillet Media client, you are completely supported by our step-by-step “Seed to Harvest” publicity process.

Iron Skillet Media’s publicity plans walk clients through the process of making your business known. We uncover the underlying purpose of your business and the stories that are at its heart. Then we develop a communications plan by defining your target audience and staying in touch with them via newsletters and social media. Next, we explore ways to connect and give back, investing in your community as you then relish them investing in you. We’re now ready to share your business and position you as an industry expert with targeted media – podcasts, online, print, and broadcast. Finally, we develop a plan to keep this rhythm going so you may enjoy its fruits for the life of your business.

The culmination of Iron Skillet Media’s publicity plan results in loyal customers, exposure for your business, a growing revenue, and contributing to the community as your community supports you in return. You are not only investing in your business but also in the community that makes your business thrive.


  • A personal connection and an authentic working relationship with Iron Skillet Media
  • A personal connection with your community
  • An identified target audience
  • Community partnerships
  • Consistent messaging to target audience across all channels
  • Brand loyalty through special offers and insights
  • Exposure and features in print, online, and broadcast media
  • Increased customers, patronage, and revenue

Iron Skillet Media's "Seed to Harvest" Publicity Plan

During step one, we spend time getting to know each other over coffee, lunch, or a phone call. We provide you with an exploratory worksheet, “Crafting Your Story,” to help reveal unique approaches and key experiences to authenticate your brand. We begin identifying community partners and nonprofits and brainstorm possible events and cross-promotions to grow your roots into your community.

Step Two is all about establishing a regular communications rhythm with your customers. Here we create a monthly newsletter and social media plan. We look at opportunities ahead and identify key points to convey to your customers – and then implement them over the course of the year ahead.

During step 4, we grow your reach and focus on public relations and community relations. For public relations, we find opportunities for you and your business to be featured in the press and communicate your expertise to podcasts, print, online and broadcast media. We create evergreen media information about your company to be used over and over, and we also brainstorm one interesting angle per month to pitch to the media.

Closely tied to all of this is community relations. This is when we develop the partnerships we started in step one that relate to your mission. We’ll create events, publicize promotions with press releases, and cross-promote the events with this organization and their contacts. The result is your business supporting this issue that you care deeply about and a strong connection (dedicated customers) with this community organization and the people who support it.

Now we are ready to harvest the results of our work. Let’s look back over the year and share our successes with each other and with your customers while we relish the impact you’re making in your community and the world.