My 10 PR Tips

My 10 PR Tips
I’ve been busy creating my new guide “10 Steps to Increase Your Visibility” for my website and to offer those who sign up for my newsletter.

Making your business known is an essential piece to the entire business model — with increased visibility, awareness and exposure come customers and profit. Some entrepreneurs love do-it-yourself PR, while others choose to have a professional handle it so they can focus on what they love. (That’s where I come in!)

I’m excited to share these tips with you here. For the DIYers, I hope this guide gets you off to a good start. For those who want a professional, let’s get on the phone and talk about how Iron Skillet Media can serve up what you desire.

I would love to hear if you implement any of these tips into your business.

The photos and examples in the guide are all Iron Skillet Media clients — you may see someone you recognize!